Welcome!  We are excited to have our new website and blog up and running and look  forward to sharing information and insights around a variety topics related to experiential and digital marketing.  Whether it be social media, interactive, viral, promotions, events, entertainment, guerilla, or grassroots marketing campaigns… at ON Media Group we have a ton of  information and ideas we are ready and willing to share.

Projection Media is our passion at ON Media, including 2D Building Projections, 3D Projection Mapping, Holograms and Hydro Projections, like the one we recently completed for ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. No project is too big for us to wrap ourselves around, literally.  In addition, our services encompass all types of experiential static media services — including Murals, Wallscapes, Windowscapes and On Surface Marketing.

Keep your eye on our blog for detailed information on newly completed campaigns, past campaigns, links to great Out Of Home marketing ideas out there and more.