Jameson Irish Whiskey

Interactive Outdoor Projection

CLIENT: Jameson Irish Whiskey

ON Media Group, utilizing its ON Wall Advertising product, and in partnership with City Eventions, executes a six market, six night Interactive Outdoor Projection campaign for Jameson Irish Whiskey.

The campaign ran throughout December (2008) in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Denver, Minneapolis and Boston.

OBJECTIVE: To generate multiple exposures for the brand in different executions in select neighborhoods. A broader array of narrowly focused locations. Use of non traditional media that plays into the brand’s discovery mode. Multiplicity is key, create a following with a sense of intimacy (not mass)

SOLUTION: Create an interactive flash program for the creation of real time messages intended for passer-bys via outdoor projections in six major markets(New York, LA, Chicago, Denver, Boston, and Minneapolis) for two weeks simultaneously. Led a 40 man production and execution team.

RESULT: Campaign received favorable trade press in Ad Age and won a 2009 CLIO award in the billboard category.