Mirage Waterworks Merges with ON Media Group, Introduces Hydromedia™

eblast cover february 2013


Creating a power house of leading media delivery technologies, ON Media Group now consists of Mirage WaterWorks, CCG Creative Productions and Damron AV Productions.

Scott Ritt, V.P. Product Development & Engineering

Scott Ritt is one of those rare individuals who can take a vague notion and turn it into reality, and as the leader of ON Media Group’s product development team, continually delivers on myth busting the impossible.

Spanning three decades, all four corners of the globe have experienced this elite engineer’s creations, most recently in the area of Hydromedia™. Bending and molding fluid environments for private, corporate and government events and installations has become the mainstay in his repertoire of innovations.

Scott’s responsibility for re-defining the phrase “that can’t be done” into “let’s take a shot” stems from years of working in research and development for international concerns, involving technologies from uranium solution mining to composites to lasers & robotics, constantly evolving fields that equipped Scott with the diverse education that he injects fully into On Media’s mission possible strategies.

Scott has consulted and designed for:

Disneyland Theme Park, Disney Imagineering Dept, Disney California Adventure Park, Lotte Corporation Seoul Korea, Cydei Company MX, Shimizu-Octo Tokyo, Sony Pictures CA, United Artists CA,Universal Studios CA, Battaglia Associates CA,

SVTactik Montreal, MAD Systems CA, DMD Associates CA, and many more.

So give us a call and ask for Scott. He will be more than happy to help with the feasibility of your notions and always has a few “droplets” of wisdom to share.

ON Media Group, with offices in Los Angeles, Phoenix, Minneapolis, and Portland is a full-service experiential and digital outdoor advertising agency helping to provide clients capture their audience when and where they least expect it.