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Richard McDermott

Marketing leader committed to conceiving and developing groundbreaking campaigns that employ diverse methods:

—social media, interactive, viral, promotions, events, entertainment, guerilla, grassroots—for the technology, film/TV, music, and consumer products industries. Skilled in all aspects of program life cycle: concepting, project management, sales, partnership development, event management, implementation, and analysis.

Led 40-member team to produce interactive campaign for Jameson Irish Whiskey that projected real-time messages outdoors, engaging passersby in 6 major US cities—which received 2009 CLIO award and positive trade coverage (Ad Age).

Gained positive New York Times article (“Guerilla Marketing Without the Headache”) for top-selling consumer brand (Tylenol PM), boosting brand awareness—achieved by scouting/acquiring locations and projecting goodnight messages with simulated windows and sheep graphics on buildings in hip urban areas (NYC, Chicago, San Francisco, Philadelphia).

Built innovative hydro-projection show for ABC in highly desirable consumer setting within 4-day turnaround to promote Dancing With the Stars—leading to largest premiere audience in show’s history (24.2M).

Drove website traffic (1M hits on launch) for NBC Universal’s new TV channel 13th Street—by organizing large-scale promotional campaign of street-team sampling/word of mouth, and poster/flyer production and distribution.

Started marketing firm that produces experiential campaigns for iconic brands and industry-leading clients, including Warner Brothers Pictures, Universal Television, Sony Music, MySpace Records, AOL, Super Bowl, ESPN X Games, W Hotels, Orbitz, House of Blues, Nike, Ciroc Vodka, Pabst, M&M’s, Red Bull, Western Union, and Giorgio Armani.

Lead up to 50-member teams of designers, Web developers, and production staff to deliver high-profile programs (interactive, nontraditional outdoor media). Develop creative proposals; pitch to clients. Collaborate with ad agencies to develop content. Manage projects: budgeting, scheduling, contract negotiations, and vendor and media buyer relationships.

No Ordinary Family 3D Projection Mapping


Robert Mishica
Co-Founder-Sr.VP Creative:

Rob Mishica began his career in entertainment at a very young age, producing performances on the patio in the family back yard, incorporating cement blocks, two-by-fours, blankets, flashlights and a Sears & Robuck record player as staging elements, dazzling the neighborhood with tales of daring deeds and romance. Watching from behind the blankets the faces of his raptured audience, Rob quickly recognized his calling in life … “invite them into my world as an escape from their own, as my sky is much more blue”. His fate had been sealed.

Theater, creative and technical production became a mainstay in Rob’s life through high school, and continued in his submarine naval career and service in Vietnam, specializing in radar, sonar and satellite navigation, forming a band and doing closed circuit radio/tv for troop entertainment. Upon return from the military, he finished his education, majoring in industrial engineering and mass communication. Stints in retail ownership, corporate management and other ventures further equipped Rob for the challenges involved with creative productions as his compass realigned his career into the very birthplace of  entertainment. In 1978, he joined the Disney organization, absorbing every aspect of creating an entertainment destination while engaged initially as a sound and light technician and then stage manager. Peaking creatively within the Disney structure soon lead him to strike out down new paths of education in the areas of special effects that would add to his versatile resume. He served as a technician and then operations manager for a leading Los Angeles laser company, enhancing events from the ’84 Olympics to Michael Jackson to Las Vegas, along the way studying additional disciplines including pyrotechnics and was the original developer of projected water screens and environments known today as HydroMedia™. Rob returned to Disney as a co-creative/technical developer for what is now known as EPCOT Illuminations, the breeding ground for most of the fluid applications experienced today. Not satisfied, Rob continued by becoming versed in the areas of animation production and digital video editing, mastering many aspects of PC and Mac operating and creative production programs, then forming an animation team to service this aspect of the industry. He recently added 3D architectural mapping to his menu, this being the short list. Merging this diverse educational background with cutting edge creative skills led Rob to league with On Media Group, and as its co-leader, his partners and team have provided these innovative tools to a drove of Fortune 100-1000 companies, including Red Wing Shoes, Edina Home Services, ABC, Mutual of Omaha, Disney Theatrical, Tuacahn Performing Arts, the Sultan of Oman, Sanford Health, Warner Brothers, JDRF, MDA, Dancing with the Stars … etc. Rob and On Media’ssuccess is based on a simple mantra. “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten.”

No Ordinary Family 3D Projection Mapping


Nathaniel Damron
Production/Technical Director/ Genius:

Founder of DPS Inc. 1994, technical leader providing large scale touring and technical support in all aspects of video projections and audio for national brands and artists such as:

University of Minnesota, Minnesota state, Mankato University of Wisconsin River Falls, University of Saint Thomas, Aveda, Cre8tive collaboration gang (Edina Realty, Red Wing Shoes), Spotlight Corp. Entertainment (Excel Energy), Minnesota Orchestra, Guthrie Theater, Target, Best Buy, Disney Family Musical Block Party, Disney (Cheetah Girls tour), Disney (Hannah Montana),  Sony/PBS (Love Train, The sounds of Philly), Marriott, Mindpool Productions (Kohler, Summerfest, Harley Davidson, FOX), City of Plymouth, MS-NBC,  Stone Arch Creative (Medtronic), Walker Art Center, NFL Films, Gloria Estefan, Great River Energy, Vocalessence, HD-Net,  Special Olympics, MN, Children’s Theatre Company,  KTCA/KTCI, Beastie Boys World tours, Moody Blues North American tours, Poison North American tours, Chris Tomlin North American tour, Ultimate Elvis US Tour, Vindaloo Music (Aerosmith, Mexico), Kiss – World, Amy Grant – US, Toni Braxton – Europe, Elton John – US, Elton John/Billy Joel Face to Face – Europe, Yanni – North America, Amy Grant / Michael W. Smith Christmas- US,  Elvis the Concert – US, Bare Naked Ladies – US, Michael Jackson – World, Sade – North America, Jay-Z – US, and Puff Daddy – US.


Danny Ornelas
Sr. VP Business Development:

Danny Ornelas has over 15 years of strategic marketing experience in the entertainment industry, most recently as Director of Marketing at MySpace Records in Beverly Hills.

While at MySpace Records, Danny was responsible for executing marketing campaigns for artists such as Kate Voegele, Pennywise,  Meiko, Mickey Avalon, Nico Vega, Sherwood and others.  Besides running the marketing department, Danny was the main point of contact for ad agencies, independent vendors, art directors, video directors, developers, and various marketing partners.

Prior to MySpace Records, Danny ran his own boutique agency called Bigmouth, where he ran strategic marketing campaigns for Fox TV, MTV, New Line Cinema, Random House Books, Ubisoft Games, Capitol, Warner Bros, Sanctuary, Atlantic, and Rhino Records.

Other record companies that Danny has held creative marketing positions at include Columbia Records, Maverick Records and American Records.

At both Columbia Records and Maverick Records, Danny developed and launched in-house national street marketing departments and was responsible for launching the careers of artists such as Alanis Morissette, Deftones, System of a Down, Prodigy, and many others.

While at American, Danny was involved in the development of artists such as Johnny Cash, Slayer, Danzig, Sir Mix A Lot, Black Crowes, Jayhawks, and many others.


Scott Ritt
VP Product Development & Engineering:

ScottRittScott is one of those rare individuals who can take a vague notion and turn it into reality, and as the leader of On Media Group’s product development team, continually delivers on myth busting the impossible.

Spanning three decades, all four corners of the globe have experienced this elite engineer’s creations, most recently in the area of Hydromedia™. Bending and molding fluid environments for private, corporate and government events and installations has become the mainstay in his repertoire of innovations.

His responsibility for re-defining the phrase “that can’t be done” into “let’s take a shot” stems from years of working in research and development for international concerns, involving technologies from uranium solution mining to composites to lasers & robotics, constantly evolving fields that equipped Scott with the diverse education that he injects fully into On Media’s mission possible strategies.

Packing all of this history into his kit bag, Scott brought all of this experience to the entertainment industry and set it on its ear. Concerts, theme parks, gala events, major promotions & product launches … have all enjoyed the fruits of his labors. And now, with the advent of newer technologies at his fingertips, has merged with On Media, now consisting of Mirage WaterWorks, CCG Productions and Damron Productions, creating a power house of leading media delivery technologies.

So give us a call and ask for Scott. He will be more than happy to help with the feasibility of your notions and always has a few “droplets” of wisdom to share.

Scott has consulted and designed for:

Disneyland Theme Park, Disney Imagineering Dept, Disney California Adventure Park, Tuacahn Center for the Arts. Lotte Corporation Seoul Korea, Cydei Company MX, CornerStone Productions UT, Martin Brinkerhoff Associates CA, Shimizu-Octo Tokyo, Sony Pictures CA, United Artists CA, The Star Group NJ, Dedica Group CA, Universal Studios CA, Battaglia Associates CA, SVTactik Montreal, MAD Systems CA, DMD Associates CA, Lexington CA, and many more.


Mara Mishica

Very few words are needed to describe, or better yet, warn those who don’t see life as an opportunity… “Get Out Of The Way!”.

For many years we have been first-hand witnesses of the prowess, capability and determination of a person dedicated to learning and applying with precision that which she has mastered. Mara’s short list would include fund raising, marketing, promoting, designing, creating, developing, managing, illustrating, editing, collaborating, coercing, coddling, generating and gluing. She has juggled the image of Fortune 500 companies, mid-west businesses and local interests alike. She has been observed duct taping a phone to her hand to finish client calls she had promised herself to make, as a stage manager using her body to prevent a scenery element from collapsing while being groped by Tony Orlando (but not Dawn), all the while composed and elegant, delivering success after success to those who trusted her to do so.

Mara’s life education, as would be admitted by most, outpaced that of her institutional training many years past. An avid approach to logic and using it as a means to solutions, is surpassed by none. We could spend hours touting her accomplishments, but would rather share our wisdom in saying listen when she speaks, or indeed you will be waving from the dock to the boat you just missed.